Endure one school inspection – get another absolutely free!

Today we read that, in order to ensure better reliability and more consistent judgements among their inspectors, Ofsted will be conducting 2 “shorter” inspections with 2 different inspectors at the same school on the same day. Ofsted explains “Reliability of the short inspection methodology will be tested during the pilots by two [HMIs] independently inspecting the same school on the same day and comparing the judgements.”

Yes they’re choosing schools to be part of their pilot scheme – I wonder how you are chosen? Oh lucky lucky day for those “smiled upon” schools. Staggering to think that, in order to get their act together and sort out their weak inspectors, more of our colleagues have to go through the mill – twice! It would be nice to think that those being given a double whammy might get some juicy reward. A crate of creme eggs, a spa day all round, or perhaps, just perhaps, a couple of extra years being left alone? No, silly idea.


Now you see the no-notice Ofsted inspection, now you don’t…

We were on the brink of it, but now there’s been another U-turn according to this tes article. No-notice inspections are no longer on the agenda and won’t be introduced for all schools. Sleep well everyone, well unless you’ve just had the phone call anyway… It would be interesting to hear if anyone who’s recently had the big O would have prefered no-notice? Would you get back the sleep you missed on the run up? Or would you just never sleep well ever again?