An end to the bog-standarders and coasters!

See, hear, coasting teachers and head teachers who want nothing more than to watch day time telly on a tablet while the children sit and copy from the board! No more will be tolerated! Expect to see a this morning itvgaggle of super teachers and leaders swooping in to take over your classes and schools and show you how to teach properly! And privatize you for good measure! Serves you all right for such laziness and coastiness!

It’s difficult, you could say impossible, to find staff who “coast”, in my experience. Is it even possible these days? We are observed to within an inch of our lives, we are set targets and reviewed, we have marking scrutinees, and on and on… It’s rather astonishing that, in the current “live your job” atmosphere, that we are able to think at all about things other than teaching (like family, hobbies, life even). Yet here we are, up for vilification yet again.

I think they’ve picked the wrong battle this time. Targetting teachers is easy, we’ve always been cannon fodder and no one really blinks an eye. Targetting Heads and SLT’s – a different and dangerous matter. These are the people who implement (or force us all to implement) the decrees from on high. To alienate them is not adviseable. It’s not the first time either – the new GCSE league tables, with all the unfavourable comparisons to last year’s results, made many Heads absolutely furious. superheroes

And of course, the obvious clincher with this is the notion of the army of super teachers and Heads who are to be parachuted in. A colleague of mine saw a group of Heads recently at an event, many of whom she hadn’t seen in a while. What struck her was how “grey and exhausted” they looked. Who are these people, where will they all come from, and will there be enough of them? I rather think not…

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