Now you see the no-notice Ofsted inspection, now you don’t…

We were on the brink of it, but now there’s been another U-turn according to this tes article. No-notice inspections are no longer on the agenda and won’t be introduced for all schools. Sleep well everyone, well unless you’ve just had the phone call anyway… It would be interesting to hear if anyone who’s recently had the big O would have prefered no-notice? Would you get back the sleep you missed on the run up? Or would you just never sleep well ever again?


“I walked in to school, burst into tears.. and realised I couldn’t carry on.”

Here’s a clip from this morning’s BBC Breakfast about the recent poll by a teaching union which revealed that 88% of teachers are suffering from stress and nearly half from depression. It’s a good interview showing the alarming state the teaching profession is now well and truly in…


DfE Talks Update

A Programme of Talks has been established that includes discrete meetings to discuss implementation matters and trade dispute matters arising from the coalition government’s policies and reforms.

The implementation talks include the NASUWT, together with ASCL, ATL, NAHT, NUT, UCAC and Voice.

Keep following our blog for updates and news on how the talks are going…