A warm welcome

Welcome to the Sensible Teacher’s Blog! 

You have arrived at a blog created for teachers everywhere who are still (relatively) sane and sensible, despite the madness that has wrapped itself around the education system. This blog is for practising teachers in all sectors of education and the aim is to keep you informed of the latest events affecting our profession, to try to see any glimmers of hope and to laugh/weep at those things that are just plain nuts. So hold hands with our author and jump into the crazy world of education, aided by a variety of sources, including the press, trade unions, the DfE and education bloggers and experts; interesting, informative and independent! Expect to see:

  • up to date news of what’s going on in education and any developments through industrial action.
  • up to date news of events you might like to attend which will give you more knowledge, information and support, including meetings, courses and conferences from a variety of UK teaching unions and bodies.
  • pointers on performance management, pay and pension.
  • suggestions on where you can get support and advice for individual employment concerns.

So please add this blog to your favourites/bookmarks and stay in touch!

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